The Smart & Stylish Women's Members Club

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It's only open to 25 members

As a founding member, you get to enjoy a special membership offer for a limited time only.

The objective of The Smart and Stylish Women's Club (also known as The Club) is to bring members tailored style and fashion advice with continual support. This means you will be able to pay monthly for style consultations and gain a heavy discount by paying for services annually.

By being a member of The Club members have access to an exclusive style community, style maintenance tools and style elevation support from me.

Members will benefit from exclusive style tips.

The members club is a great way to get my style expertise using monthly or yearly packages that have been designed to be thoughtful and value-based.

Ultimately members will gain style confidence and dress for success, for life.


The club will bring like-minded individuals together who know how important it is to look and feel authentic, confident and happy.

Prices start from £15 per month for one year.


Dear Lizzie,

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the silver membership of your club! From inspiration i get from your emails, with styling tips and ideas, to the ease of messaging you with my charity shop finds and getting a kind but honest opinion, it has been so much fun getting back into my clothes! I used to be (I like to think!) very stylish, or rather, i really had my own style, and owned it and was confident in it, but after the last nearly 6 years of being pregnant and having two children, plus my job as a yoga teacher (always being in leggings and a sweat), I felt really lost as to what my own style actually was.


Your advice on what to wear for my shape was priceless, and the three hours spent over coffee, chats and realising my ’style personality’ was a massive eye opener and gave me so much more direction and gave me back my style. But then, the 3 hour wardrobe consultation was AMAZING. I thought I would be getting rid of most of the clothes in there but actually, you saved me a fortune in new clothes by making suggestions for different looks using my current pieces. I now don’t feel the need for new clothes, but am definitely going to be accessorising more on days when I am in my usual yoga pants and t-shirt! Thank you so much, you are amazing at your job and so good to work with!



A MASSIVE thank you to Lizzie for helping me get my style back!

After having two kids, a combination of post baby body, lack of confidence and lack of time for myself left me resorting to my comfys... and a very limited wardrobe.


I got stuck in the mindset of “I’ll work on a new wardrobe once I get my body back” but wearing the same clothes day in day out, that I didn’t like and didn’t feel good in, made it harder to motivate myself. Harder to look after myself!


As soon as I had my colour analysis with Lizzie, everything changed. I became OBSESSED with my new colour palette and actually excited to shop for new clothes, especially now I know what clothing styles suit my slim pear body shape, and how to accessorise to draw the eyes away from the thighs!


I am now slowly building up my wardrobe with items that I LOVE and feel happy in. I’m accessorising with jewellery (which I never did before) and I honestly feel so much more stylish and confident.


When I told my other half that I was signing up for the membership, he said “Why? You can just google your colours and body shape and work it out for yourself!”.


He may be right... but Lizzie can give me honest and friendly feedback and styling tips that I wouldn’t be able to give myself. Who doesn’t need someone in their life who would say “that outfit looks fine... but if you swapped this for this, that would look FANTASTIC!”.


Now I feel more confident in myself, I’m actually looking after myself more. Eating healthier, styling my hair, painting my nails... actually shaving my legs! 


So if you’re feeling like you’re stuck in a bit of a style rut, I couldn’t recommend Lizzie and her monthly membership more!



£15 per month 

Choose from a Colour Analysis Consultation or a Style Session with body and face mapping.

Also included is 15% off any other service.


Plus three queries via Whatsapp or text per month.

£40 per month

Treat yourself to a Wardrobe Consultation and Personal Shopping session.

Also included is 30% off any other service.

Plus three queries via Whatsapp or text per month.

£20 per month 

Choose from a Wardrobe Consultation or a Personal Shopping Session.

Also included is 20% off any other service.


Plus three queries via Whatsapp or text per month.

£30 per month

Treat yourself to a Colour Consultation and a Style Consultation.

Also included is 25% off any other service. 


Plus three queries via Whatsapp or text per month.


Set up a free, no obligation phone call with Lizzie to discuss the membership.