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Do you have items that are too small for you in your wardrobe? How about too big?

Have you ever had one of those days where you truly dislike everything in your wardrobe? I have and I'm sure many of you have too.

Our wardrobes can makes us frustrated can't they? If you have ever opened your wardrobe and panicked about the fact you have nothing to wear I get it. Before you know it you are throwing every item of clothing on the floor and getting frustrated at your jeans because you cannot find a single outfit that makes you feel good. As the minute’s tick closer to having to be out the door in the morning it seems perfectly ok to throw the shoes you once loved at the nearest window.


The truth is likely many British women I have a lot to wear. Research has found that we spend 20% of our income on work clothes alone, which equals about £4000 per year.  I blame my former scattergun approach to dressing. I used to buy without purpose, without a plan. UK women spend £3.5 billion on shoes alone and two-thirds of said shoes never make it out of their boxes, so they get shoved to the back of the wardrobe, tags intact, taunting us.


Let’s apply some logic to our wardrobes as simply opening them in the morning can proffer a startling range of emotions – guilt over the dress you’ll never wear; depression when you see your ‘thin’ jeans (85% of women hoard clothes that don’t fit). 


This session starts with colour and style (body analysis) check to uncover your best colours and your body shape. We will then review the items in your wardrobe deciding what to keep, mend, send to the clothing bank or sell. We also have a maybe pile that we go back to at the end.

Once we have identified what items to keep I note down any gaps in your wardrobe. 

We then move on to the outfit styling portion of the session where I style you using the clothes you are keeping.  Photographs are taken of you in your complete outfits for your look book which will be sent to you after the session. This book is confidential from my end but you may share it if you like. 

We then hang and organise the clothing in your wardrobe so that you have a beautiful and curated wardrobe fit for your lifestyle and needs.

This session is 4 hours long and costs £250 and includes a style and wardrobe booklet to make the most of your style, body shape and wardrobe.

Wardrobe Consultation with Styling