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Knowing the clothes, hairstyles, jewellery and accessories that suit you can be very freeing and it will give you a big confidence boost. It will make shopping easier and will give you confidence in your shape. Getting dressed in the morning will be a joy as you will gravitate towards the items that suit you.


In this session we will categorize your face shape and body shape. We will look at the best clothing shapes, accessories, fabric and hairstyles for you. We will also look at the big part that pattern and print play in highlighting our shape. I will show you a great cheat/hack for dressing well for your body shape. No longer do you need to worry about whether you are an hourglass/pear/tube etc. After the session I will provide you with a list a shops I think you will love.

What’s included in the session:

  • An analysis of your face and body shape

  • An in depth look at the best clothing styles for your shape including:

    Fabric cut and type

    Pattern and Print


    Hair styles



  • A look at the clothing items you enjoy wearing, your values, your lifestyle and what it is you are wanting to achieve with your look.

  • My insiders tips and tricks for achieving your desired style.

  • A follow up email with:

    A summary of our work.

    Three inspirational images that match your style

    Three shop suggestions for you to try.

  • One follow up session on Skype or via the telephone a week later.

Style Consultation