The Spring/Summer 2020 Trends as recommended by Mia

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

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Today's blog has been created and written by Mia, our current work experience student. Mia is a fashion and textiles student with a great eye for detail. Today Mia is taking you forward in time to next Spring. This post is gloriously lengthy and an interesting read, so please get yourself a festive drink, make yourself comfortable and enjoy.

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Trend 1 - Bright and bold colour

Next seasons fashion trends are all about bright, bold, and eye-catching patterns and colours. I was looking through vogue and came across the 2020 spring trends and I was very inspired by the wide range of fabric used. Many different designers like Versace, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, and Richard Quinn, looked at the different shapes that you can make with different types of fabric.

Step into colour:

Colours are one of the biggest trends of 2020, as you’ll find they will be bold and have a specific emphasises on red. The bold colours will often be paired with a soft, light colour to tone everything down.

Different colour tones such as, Airy, which are earthy freshness, light and bright colours which are paired with high contrasting colours. Aquatic colours that are dark demanding and inspired by the sea such as algae green and sea blues. True colours, for instance, iconic block colours like scarlet red. Incredible colours, which are tones that play off each other to create a bright fun vibe.

Trend 2 - Easy Fabrics

The fabric trends of 2020 are very light, bright fabrics that make you feel good and radiate positive energy; and a lot of translucent fabric is also going to become a top trend this spring. Stretchy materials, larger laces, creped knits and light woven fabrics will be very popular. Mixtures of prints are going to be very high on trend this season from soft leopard, zebra or snake to bright bold floral designs, these trends will mainly be inspired by nature.

fashion trends for spring summer 2020
Mia's pattern and fabric moodboard for SS2020 trends

Trend 3 - The classic trench coat

One of the most versatile trends next Spring is the trench coat. The trench coat is often made from densely woven cotton so that it holds its structure. Quite a few designers added ruffles, pleats and a puff sleeve to make their trench coats original and interesting; another designer gathered all of the fabric at the waist so the trench coat had more shape and definition to it.

Did you know?

Trench coats were originally an item of the war for army officers, however, they were developed before the war but were adapted for the use in the trenches in the First World War, hence the name. They are designed to protect from wind and rain, however, they are not the warmest, but the oversized fit of the coat gives you room to add layers for warmth. Men across the world started to wear their trench coats to show their solidarity within the war, and this was a time where women were encouraged to show their patriotism through domestic house roles. However strong female actresses showed there to support through fashion by adapting the trench coat. This look marks the very beginning of female empowerment, as women started to wear man-tailored clothing.

Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn and the trench coat

The actress Greta Garbo became a fashion icon in part for her stunning trench coat; it was lined with tartan wool and cinched at the waist. If you have watched the 1960's iconic film Breakfast at Tiffany's, the final scene may be embedded in your brain, like it is for me. Audrey Hepburn's character is decked out in a beige belted classic trench coat while searching for her cat in the rain. Audrey Hepburn's style in Breakfast at Tiffany’s has been interpreted into the modern style to this day.

How to wear the trench coat now

Despite being 100 years old, the trench coat has managed to maintain its place at the peak of high fashion. This trend still upholds its original tailoring at the waist and overall shape.

However, you can now make it your own with a large selection of colours, experimenting with different collars or changing between buckles, buttons or a waist tie; and it would still be a timeless look.

I would wear a trench coat as they are very timeless, chic and on-trend; by wearing one you will feel like you look great and can do anything which is the best feeling when buying new clothes. They come in many fabrics and thicknesses so you could have one for any type of weather, a thin one of late spring were it is still chilly outside or a thick one for the cold winter. They also come in many lengths too! So if you’re more petite then don’t worry about feeling drowned as you can always get a shorter one or even get it tailored. They also come down to the ankles now too, and of course, they still come in the original mid-shin length.

Shorts, trench coats, pattern and colour for SS2020

Trend 4 - Shorts

How to wear shorts stylishly come summer

Another big trend of 2020 is shorts, as vogue stated shorts are going to be the biggest trend of spring 2020. Shorts are definitely a type of clothing that you can dress up or dress down, for a night out you could wear some high waist pleated leather shorts, or stay casual with a pair of denim shorts. Another form of shorts is short suits; there have become extremely popular in high-end fashion as they can come in so many different, bold colours. I feel like the shorts suits are showing female empowerment and feminism because they are originally a form of men’s wear.

In my opinion, I feel like a pair shorts can either look great or they can look scruffy, as there are so many styles out there it was hard to find what one is best for your body type. For me personally, I love high waist mom shorts because they give me room to move as they aren’t too tight around the legs but they hug my waist so they still flatter my figure.

You can also get so many different lengths of shorts, knee-length, mid-thigh or short shorts. There are also so many fabrics that could be used; the most common one is denim because most casual everyday shorts need to have more structure to them as you move around in them a lot. There are also jersey shorts which are very comfy and seen as loungewear. Polyester shorts are very good for hot weather as they are thin and loose but they aren’t very breathable as they are synthetic, these shorts often come in a wide range of patterns and shapes. Recently shorts have become popular to wear in the evening as well, and these tend to be made from fabrics like faux leather and you can pair it with some tights, bare legs and a stylish top.

Over to you:

What's your favourite trend; shorts, the trench coat, bright colours, bold patterns or easy fabric and textures? Please tell us below.

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