How to dress your tummy

One of the biggest body hang-ups I see in women is the tummy. Regardless of your tummy’s size and its softness, we can dress the area so that it stops zapping our confidence. Below I am going to show you how to take control of this area and dress it so that you are comfortable and so that you feel happier with your appearance. There are some shoppable examples below.

1. Shapewear

Great tummy control shapewear is one of the most effective solutions for body transformation. When it comes to clothes and make-up it's crucial to get the foundations right. If your underwear does not work for your body then your clothes are not going to look good.

The new generation of shapewear is not uncomfortable or painful to wear. It does not leave red marks on your body. It is smoothing and comfortable to wear.

SURE YOU LIKE Women High Waist Tummy Control Shapewear

This pair of waist control pants can help soothe your concerns about your tummy.

These pants have carefully positioned mesh and polyester/ spandex blend panels that will give you a smoother look without feeling like your organs are being squashed.

These pants won't roll down either, so there’s no need to hoist them back up every two minutes.

Available in nude and black colours. Sizes 6 – 18.

From £11.99 | Amazon

MIRACLESUIT SHAPEWEAR Flexible Fit Plus Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer

Shapewear isn’t about squashing curves, it’s about enhancing them. This Miraclesuit is made from cleverly placed panels of Tactel fabric with a smooth outer layer so it won’t show up through clothes, whatever you’re wearing on top.

Finishing mid-thigh, the pants will mould to your body and move freely with you, all the while working to make your midsection, thighs waist and hips appear smoother.

£58.95 | Figleaves

Sizes up to a XXXXL

2. Raise your waistband and look for stiffer fabrics for your lower half.

The waistband on trousers, dresses and skirts should reach your belly button (mid-rise) as a minimum or higher.

Raising your waistband to at least your belly button creates a line across your stomach minimizing the area. The higher the waistband the longer our legs look.

Adding a stiffer fabric at the waistband will help pull your tummy in.


The denim midi skirt from People Tree goes to a size 18.

The above skirt is available in sizes 6, 8, 16 and 18.

Even though the above Whistles skirt is made from flowing fabric, the waistband has been sewn into the skirt, this will help add structure to the tummy.


When looking for jeans we want stiff denim and a waistband that comes up to your navel. The waistband not only supports the area but cuts it in half. If your tummy is quite big please do avoid stretchy denim as the elastic in jeans will hug the tummy rather than support it.

These flared jeans from AGOLDE go up to a UK size 18.

3. Wear clothes that fit your shape

Clothes should fit and skim your shape They shouldn’t be too tight or baggy. Knowing your body shape measurements will help enormously when you are shopping online. You can check your measurements against the store's measurements to know if an item will be too tight or too baggy, or perfect for you. All you need is a tape measure and a notepad and pen.

4. Add a waterfall jacket or cardigan and wear it open.

The garment adds vertical lines to the outfit elongating the body and taking much focus off your tummy.

Image via pinterest

image via Pinterest

5. Go tone on tone

Wear a similar colour on your top and lower half. This creates a streamlined silhouette, drawing the eye up and not creating focus on any perceived troublesome body areas.

Image Boden Clothing

6. Wear a belt just above or at your natural waist or ditch the belt.

When wearing a dress look for a belt that has a thickness of over 1.5 inches which can support the stomach or ditch the belt when you are wearing trousers.

Also, try adding a belt in the same colour as the garment that you are wearing. For example. a black belt with black trousers or a red belt with a red dress.

7. Wear clothes with a nipped-in waist.

8. Fabrics that skim not cling

Wear fabrics that skim over your tummy including cotton, silk, linen, soft denim. Avoid thick fabrics in the stomach area which can increase the appearance of its size.

9. Jewellery

Use jewellery to draw the eye up.

10. Jackets and column dressing

Wear jackets that finish on the stomach to cut the area in half.

This below Boden suit also demonstrates column dressing at its finest. The outer layer and trousers are the same colour, drawing the eye up and streamlining the silhouette. The top worn underneath is a different colour. The dark colour of the top will help minimize the tummy area, whilst the nipped-in waist of the jacket will slim the area.

I know that our tummies really affect our confidence levels, and I would like for you to dress with your tummy in mind. Don't ignore its roundness or squishiness, instead wear clothes that help you feel better about your tummy. Shape underwear will take you far as will great trousers, jeans and skirts that support your tummy. Jackets and cardigans can be used to minimise the area, as can wearing a similar colour on the top and lower half. Dresses and tops that have a nipped-in waist and skim the area will enhance your shape without enhancing your tummy.

Next month I will be showing you how to dress your tummy post C-section.


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