Personal Shopping for Business Style Confidence

Personal Shopping For Business Style Confidence

I get it, you are short of time and you don't feel your clothes represent who you are and what you stand for. You have more important things to think about than what you wear, and you don't understand why dressing yourself confident is so difficult.

As an experience image consultant and personal stylist that excels with working with business leaders, executives, consultants and creatives on authentic, confident style with impact and gravitas, let me guide you through the best shopping purchases for you. At a mutually agreed shopping location we will uncover the best clothing and accessories for your requirements.

Prior to our session I will curate the best items for you so that on the day of our session you can focus on trying on great clothing and accessories that meet your needs. I will offer advice and suggestions to make the most out of any items that you buy.

In my experience us women tend to impulse shop but we need to think about dressing for the present – for the size we are now, for the job we’re in now and for the life we have now. It’s a process of streamlining and getting rid of some past negativity before we add anything new. We also need to change our attitudes about how we shop as ¾ of us shop just for the thrill of it rather than because we need something. I will help you curate a beautiful and versatile wardrobe so shopping is a joy and is cost effective.

This session is approx 4 hours long and costs £250.

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