You deserve to feel great in your clothes.

For many of us, knowing what suits us isn't innate, and that's OK.


Give yourself permission to work with a personal stylist. I know it is a huge deal to trust someone with the way you look. Here, I will listen, guide and help you evolve your image into the best and most authentic version of yourself. I will be your biggest cheerleader and advocate.

I like to think of it as personal and considered style because it is personal and it should always be well thought out and translated beautifully.

A well-executed personal style saves you time, money, reduces stress, and gives you back your power and confidence.


When we feel confident in our clothes we feel good about ourselves. This confidence affects our communication and subsequently our interactions and our success.

Discovering the colours, clothing shapes, hairstyles and accessories that work with our colouring and shape are imperative for great personal style and confidence in the way we look.

It is common to wonder where our style has gone, or why we don't feel like we have great style

but it doesn't have to be this way.

Here, at Lizzie Parsons Image Consultancy we understand the power of our image and we see first hand how style ruts can seriously affect our confidence.

We offer a friendly, personable and intelligent style consultancy to help you meet your image goals.

We believe the future of personal style is circular. 

We want to help you find your style, and we want to help the planet, and our wider communities too.

Here, when it comes to clothing we will offer advice on how to love and take care of your clothes, accessories and jewellery.

We will show you what changes to make to any clothing that you have fallen out of love with so that you can take them to a seamstress to breathe new life into existing items.

We will offer preloved and vintage options as part of the personal shopping experience.

We will show you the best rental sites, second-hand shops, sustainable retailers and boutiques for your personality and goals.

We will also show you where to shop on the high street for clothes that you will want to wear for a lifetime.