Dress for who you are, your lifestyle, your goals and the occasion 


Have you ever felt great with the way you look? 


When we feel confident in our clothes we feel good about ourselves. This confidence affects our communication and subsequently our interactions and our success.

Discovering the colours, clothing shapes, hairstyles and accessories that work with our colouring and shape are imperative for great personal style and confidence in the way we look.

It is common to wonder where our style has gone, or why we don't feel like we have great style

but it doesn't have to be this way.

Here, at Lizzie Parsons Image Consultancy we understand the power of our image and we see first hand how style ruts can seriously affect our confidence.

We offer a friendly, personable and intelligent style consultancy to help you meet your image goals.

Our green promise

We believe the future of personal style is circular

We want to help you find your style and we want to help the planet too. Here, when it comes to clothing we will offer you advice on how to love and take care of your clothes and jewellery. 

We will show you what changes to make to any clothes that you have fallen out of love with so that you can take them to a seamstress to work their magic and breathe new life into existing items.


We will offer you pre-loved and vintage options as part of the personal shopping experince.

We will show you the best second-hand shops and sustainable retailers and boutiques, as well as the best high street retailers based on your requirements.

Our Vision: For every woman to stand tall in who they are

A business perspective

Our image is one of three key factors of Executive Presence.

Executive Presence is our ability to inspire confidence - the ability to lead well.

The other two factors are gravitas and communication.

An impactful and authentic image is, therefore, crucial for success.

We give intelligent women the tools and support to define their style, dress confidently and shop with purpose. So they reduce waste and love their clothes.

Services that feel like magic
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Let's create incredible style

and feel great today


Your style grows and changes with you

It is developed and honed over a lifetime, but you will also see immediate results.

I provide a complete image consultancy that starts from the inside out.

You will have full knowledge of your style essence, personality, lifestyle, colouring, and body shape.

Your wardrobe will be edited, organised, and styled.

You will have any clothing gaps filled on personal shopping trips to support your style and lifestyle.


We always love to hear from existing customers, new customers, collaborators and people from the industry.

You can get in touch with Lizzie by filling out the below form. Alternatively please contact: enquiries@lizzieparsons.co.uk

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Lizzie was recommended to me by a friend and I contacted her in the early days of starting my new business following a career change and second maternity leave - all of which had left me feeling a bit lost in terms of my wardrobe. Lizzie worked with me on my signature style, wardrobe detox and styling, and personal shopping session - and I can't recommend her enough. Not just for her extensive knowledge and experience, her values-based approach, and her warmth and understanding as a fellow businesswoman and mum, but for her support since - both through her social media presence and speedy responses, and through her great Facebook group - The Wardrobe Members Group. I'm already working on my next excuse to work with Lizzie again.


Lizzie is truly amazing. I was wasting so much money on clothes with a wardrobe full of black and little to no idea of how creative with pattern and colour I could actually get away with. My wardrobe had become functional instead of fun!

I had an eye opening session with Lizzie where we discovered my 'style' then a wardrobe review and thorough clean out (so cathartic) followed by a great shopping session. I can now safely say I wear 99% of my wardrobe instead of 10%, I get compliments all the time and finally my clothes represent who I am. Who thought I would ever have a stylist - now my favourite phrase is 'I don't shop without my stylist' - get me!!


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